Cashfish Loan App Review | How to get loan from CashFish in 2022?

Cashfish Loan App | CashFish Instant Personal Loan Apply Online – CashFish Aadhar Card Loan Apply Online In India

Cashfish Loan App: Money is very essential for our everyday life. Without money, we cannot imagine, how our life would be! Generally, we have that much amount of money to live our daily life. But the problem comes when we try to extend our lifestyle. Most of the lower-middle-class people can save a very little amount of money at the end of the month. Which is insufficient to fulfill our other needs like good smart television, a good mobile, fridge, washing machine or a good looking bike. Some of these items are necessary for our life, and some are just to increase our lifestyle. Now you don’t need to worry about all of this.

Cashfish Loan App

CashFish loan app will solve most of your problems related to the extra money you need to fulfill your little dreams. Cashfish loan app not only fulfill your needs but also help you to manage your emergency financial crisis. From this app, you can get your loan amount transferred to your bank account very easily without any hustle.

Today we are going to know, how to get loan from CashFish, how much loan amount you will get from CashFish Loan App, cashfish loan app review, what is the interest rate of CashFish loan app, and what is the tenure rate of CashFish loan app, etc. After reading this post you would be able to know if do cashfish loan app is real or fake and how to cashfish loan app download from Play Store.

How much loan can we get from CashFish loan app?

You can get a minimum loan of Rs. 2000/- and a maximum loan of Rs. 50,000/- instant. These are sufficient amounts for our emergency and other needs.

What would be the tenure rate of CashFish loan app?

You will get a loan of Rs 2000 to Rs. 50,000 for a period from 91 days to 365 days. This is a standard period of time to pay off such a type of loan.

What is the rate of interest CashFish loan?

CashFish Loan App will charge a maximum rate of interest of 30% per annum. This could easily be understood with help of this:

Loan Example:

If the loan amount is Rs. 20,000, APR is 30% and service fee is 5% with the tenure of 91 days, the total amount to pay on the due date is:
Interest = 20,000 x 30%/365 x 91 = 1495
Service fee = 20,000*5% = 1000
Total amount disbursed will be 19,000 (20,000 – 1,000)
Total amount to repay will be 21,495 (20,000 + 11495)
Monthly amount to repay will be 7,165 (21,495 / 3)

Other charges of Cashfish loan

You have to pay a 1%-9% origination fee and other taxes too. See the chart above to understand it better.

What are the CashFish Loan App Loan Eligibility Criteria?

1. Must be an Indian Citizen.
2. Between 18-60 years old.
3. Salaried/self-employed with a regular source of income.

What are the Documents Required for CashFish Loan App?

  1. Aadhar Card.
  2. Pan Card.
  3. Bank account.

How To Get Loan From CashFish Loan App?

  • Install the CashFish Loan App from the play store.
  • Register and login.
  • Fill in your details and upload a basic document.
  • Receive the results.
  • Receive money directly via your bank account.

What are the Advantages of cashfish loan app?

1. High loan amount & Low interest rate.
2. 100% online process with simple loan steps
3. Quick operation: 24×7 access to loans, digital process on mobile with quick approval.
4. Unsuccessful application will not incur any fees
5. Customers’ information is absolutely safe in CashFish
6. No credit history is required.
7. Convenience of payment through various methods.

Customer care number of Cashfish Loan

If you have any questions, you may contact them at this address:

Jhuria Financial Services Private Limited
Customer Service Email:

Conclusion: To conclude it can be said that, this is a good instant personal loan provider app. But the rate of interest is much high than other loan providers as the tenor of the loan repayment is longer than other loan providers. You would get enough time to repay their loan. We suggest you to do more research before you apply for a loan from this app.

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