A Tropical storm warning issued for south Texas and east coast of Mexico

Tropical storm warning issued for south Texas
Image Credit: CNN

Tropical storm warning issued for South Texas

Source: CNN:- A Tropical storm warning issued for south Texas to Boca de Catan, Port Mansfield, Mexico, according to the National Hurricane Center. The warning is related to a system designated by the National Hurricane Center as a potential tropical cyclone 4 located in the southern Gulf of Mexico about 400 miles south-southeast of the Rio Grande estuary.

“As the system evolves and is likely to make landfall as a tropical cyclone within 36 hours, advisories for potential tropical cyclone 4 have begun, with tropical cyclones over parts of northeastern Mexico and southern Texas coasts. A warning has been issued.” The Hurricane Center said in a discussion on the forecast.

The hurricane center takes the potential tropical cyclone designation to issue warnings for a system prior to it actually being named.

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Regardless of the development, the system is expected to bring heavy rainfall to northeastern Mexico and southern Texas. Up to 8 inches of rain is expected in Mexico and 1 to 3 inches in southern Texas.

Meanwhile, the rest of the southwestern part of the desert, grappling with a prolonged and severe drought, is prepared for a moderate risk (Level 3/4) of extreme rainfall with possible flash flooding on Friday and Saturday. increase.

The Center for Weather Forecast said, “A significant multi-day precipitation event is forecast for the southwestern United States this weekend.” High, the storm total approaches 5 to 6 inches.”

By Saturday, about 10 million people in the Southwest, including Tucson, Phoenix, Albuquerque, and El Paso, will have flood clocks.

Zach Taylor, a senior meteorologist at the Center for Weather Prediction, said there are several things causing new surges in humidity, such as the remnants of tropical waves that are now burying northern Mexico in a larger monsoon. He pointed out that there are factors.

Monsoon rains help drought, but not enough

The desert southwest may not be known as the country’s wettest region, but this is the time when rain is most likely. The wet season helps the southwest but often brings superficial improvements.

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Drought-stricken areas are already grappling with water crises, so rain is needed, but it may not be as beneficial as it seems.

One concern about the coming heavy rains is that we don’t expect enough rain in the north or west, where water is most needed, such as California, Nevada, Oregon, and northern Utah.

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“Monsoon rains account for only a fraction of the western water demand,” said CNN meteorologist Chad Myers. “Nevertheless, recent rains have caused him to rise 1.8 feet over the past three weeks in Lake Mead.”

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