SNAP: Alabama Food Assistance Benefits for Sep. 2022

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SNAP is a federal program that helps low-income families buy groceries.

In Alabama, the Human Resources Department's Food Aid Division administers his SNAP program, and benefits are paid monthly through his EBT card.

The Alabama EBT Card can be used like a debit card at checkout at participating stores and online locations.

Look for the Quest logo in grocery stores and select retailers. EBT cards can also be used at USDA licensed farmers markets.

Eligibility and benefits are based on income and household size as determined by regulations issued by the USDA.

According to Alabama's DHR, the average monthly benefit is about $121.

To apply for Alabama SNAP benefits, you can visit MyDHR to create an account and complete the online application.

You can also call or write to your local food aid agency and have the application mailed, or you can go to the office to pick up the application and fill it out on the spot.

There is also the Alabama Elderly Simplified Application Project.

This is her SNAP application process for households where all members are over the age of 60 and have no income in the month of application.

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