Are Autonomous cars ready for the road?

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The future of driving is not only electrified. It's about automation.

Yes, as much as it sounds like science fiction to be able to drive hundreds of miles without using a single drop of gas.

The growing popularity of electric vehicles (EVs) certainly makes it possible. increase. self-driving car driver.

One day, you get into your self-driving car in the morning and realize that it's a weekday and unless you say otherwise, you want to go to the office.

When it drops you off, the car drives you home instead of paying for parking.

Or perhaps your vehicle will be part of a city’s rideshare network and picks up fares during the day, and makes you money in the process.

But while when, where, and how true self-driving cars will become the normal is debatable, experts say it could be "practical" sooner than you think.

Most major car manufacturers already offer semi-automatic hands-free technology in their vehicles, explained by Kristin Kolodge.

“The hurdles are multifaceted,” Kolodge said. “Sure, it’s technically challenging for the vehicle to handle all conditions, with a high level of confidence for the system.

As it is today, hands-free driving is already possible in many places. Earlier this month, GM announced it would soon double its Super Cruise road network.

Adding hundreds of thousands of miles of roads in the United States and Canada.

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