California wildfires evoke evacuations: 7 firefighters hospitalized

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Seven firefighters battling hell raging near Los Angeles have been hospitalized with heatstroke.

About 250 county firefighters were assigned to the blaze along with 115 U.S. Forest Service firefighters..

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..eight air tankers and seven helicopters, said L.A. County Fire Inspector Craig Little.

A combination of extreme heat and ongoing major drought in the Golden State has made it difficult for firefighters to control the blaze.

Forcing hundreds of residents to evacuate their homes north of Los Angeles.

With temperatures approaching 100 degrees Celsius, conditions became unbearable for some firefighters.

"It is a bit unusual because of the high temperatures today. I personally have never heard of this many related injuries at one time," said Craig Little, a Public Information Officer.

Officials estimate that the Red Cross has set up two temporary shelters at Leveque High School..

..and Stevenson Ranch, evacuating hundreds of residents near the Castaic community.

So far, there have been no reported losses of any homes, but firefighters warn the fire is still in its infancy.

Relief from the heat is not in the long-term forecast. Temperatures are expected to stay near or above 100 degrees he'll through Labor Day weekend.

California is taking several steps to address drought conditions and climate change affecting the state.

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