The EU is proposing new rules to extend the life of mobile phones and tablets.


European Union lawmakers have proposed new rules for mobile phone and tablet repairs.

Manufacturers have said that at least 15 components should be available for at least five years.

After the launch of new phones in the EU. Within that period, consumers can replace parts such as batteries, displays, chargers, back covers, SIMs and memory cards.

The European Commission is also looking to improve battery life. Cell phone and tablet batteries say they need at least 500 full charges before dropping below 83% of capacity.

Under the proposed rule, mobile phones should be labeled with information such as battery life, drop resistance and water resistance.

According to one study, extending the life cycle of a smartphone by 5 years would remove about 5 million cars from the road in terms of emissions.


In this proposal, he proposes to make mobile phones and tablets more recyclable and easier to repair.


Reducing the energy consumption costs associated with their manufacture and use by a third.


Smartphone makers have refuted some elements of the rule, arguing that increased availability of parts will increase plastic consumption.

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