James Earl Jones Announces Retirement From Voicing ‘Star Wars’

James Earl Jones, popular for his extraordinary role as the voice of Darth Vader himself, has finally retired from the role.


And surrendered the rights to Darth Vader’s voice to LucasFilm for all future Star Wars projects..

James Earl Jones has been voicing the character of Darth Vader for over forty-five years, taking the character into life, who has been one of the most famous faces of the franchise.

James Earl Jones has signed his voice rights to Darth Vader over to Lucasfilm and Respeecher.

Respeecher is a Ukrainian company, that uses a special A.I. program to take voices from archival video footage.

To create new dialogue if the original voice actors have died or face changes in their voices.

Now LucasFilm holds the rights to the character’s voice which may be used in any further appearances Vader is to make.

The legendary voice is now surrendered into a technological system that may be forever.

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