Mike Tyson suffering from Sciatica!

The famous boxing legend at the age of 56 has been suffering from a painful nerve disease called “Sciatica”. Last month he was seen in a wheelchair at the airport.


Later he confessed that he finds it difficult to talk when his rare condition triggers up.

Mike Tyson was pressured to get retire from boxing in 2005 due to his back issues.


Tyson told to Newsmax TV: "I have sciatica every now and then, it flares up. When it flares up, I can’t even talk! Thank God it’s the only health problem I have.”

"I’m splendid now. Everybody in my house is truly blessed and we’re all very grateful for whatever we have."


Sciatica occurs with the sciatic nerve - which goes from our lower back to our feet - Which gets compressed or irritated.

Normally it improves in four to six weeks, but in the worst case, the condition can last longer.

Recently the boxing legend has claimed he stays in shape by taking magic mushrooms every day and smoking cannabis!

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