Thousands evacuated in California wildfires: Homes destroyed

Thousands of people have been forced from their homes by the rapidly spreading wildfires in Northern California.

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Thousands of Northern California residents were evacuated from their homes on Friday as rapidly spreading wildfires continued to burn more than 1,000 acres.

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A so-called factory fire destroyed several homes in Siskiyou County, prompting authorities to issue mandatory evacuation orders

for the towns of Weed, Lake Shastina and Edgewood, according to the local fire department.

"Immediate threat to life. This is a lawful order to leave now. The area is lawfully closed to public access," the evacuation order said.

Spokeswoman Suzi Brady said several people were taken to hospital with injuries, but did not disclose how many.

Videos and images of the fast-moving fire were widely shared on social media, with one video showing a 45-minute time-lapse.

Siskiyou is densely forested and has suffered many wildfires in recent years. A prolonged drought in the western United States has resulted in more devastating fires.

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