What is nft?


Simply NFT stands for Non Fungible Token.


The digital asset without any “Fungibility” like Bitcoin, Ethereum

nft: non-fungible token

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“Fungibility” means transferability, having exchangeable or replaceable. NFT tokens are completely Non-Replaceable and Non-Transferable.

NFT are in form of any Art, Music, Video, 3D image, Illustration

this image could be a nft!

you can create, list, sell a nft from your phone

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how to create a nft?

To create a NFT you must have a piece of Art, 3D image or a Video. Visit our Webpage to know in details.

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Where to Look:


where to create?

You can create beautiful NFT's @ Visit our website to know more!

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how to list nft for sell?

You can list your NFT @ for sell. Visit our Website to know how to list a NFT properly?


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Final Thought

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