5 Bikes for Budget from ₹1 Lakh to Rs 1.5

Top 5 Bikes Under Rs 1.5 Lakh in India

top 5 bike under 1.5 lakh

Indian youngs are very passionate about bikes. Whether a college student or a young working professional, everyone is fond of Bikes.

The most important thing, that you should keep in mind before purchasing any bike is, what would be the “Purpose“?


Always wear ISI Marked Helmet for both Riders.

before buying

important question

ask yourself!

1. How you use your bike on daily basis? 2. Do you spend most of the daily ride on the streets of the City, Town or Highways?

Here is the List of Top 5 Bikes under 1.5 Lakh


Bajaj Pulsar F250 comes with 249cc Single Cylinder 4 stroke 2 valve Oil Cooled engine which produces 24.5 PS power and 21.5 Nm Torque.

no 5

Bajaj Pulsar F250

Yamaha FZ-X comes with a 149cc Single Cylinder 4 stroke Air-cooled engine which produces 12.4 PS power and 13.3 Nm maximum Torque.

no 4

Yamaha FZ-X

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200 comes with 199.5cc single cylinder 4 stroke & 4 valve liquid cooled engine with 24.5 PS power and 18.5 NM maximum Torque.

no 3

Bajaj Pulsar NS 200

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