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Why Russia Invade Ukraine?

Russian President Mr. Vladimir Putin launched a military operation in Ukraine on Thursday @ 24/02/2022 with some explosions heard across the country.

Russian Invasion in Ukraine

The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine, raised the question of World War III! But the nations are so progressive that, no one wants to trigger a Nuclear War.

Russian Invasion in Ukraine

Just a few weeks ago, French President Emmanuel Macron flew off to Moscow to talk to President Putin to reduce the tensions between the two states.

Russian Invasion in Ukraine

Russia has opposed the decision of incorporating Ukraine with NATO. We have discussed the Origins of the Conflict between these states in 5 points.



The situation began getting out of control in the early 2021. In Jan 21, Ukrainian President Mr. Volodymyr Zelenskyy urged US President Joe Biden to let Ukraine to join the NATO.


This incident angered Russia. They started sending troops near its Ukraine border for “training exercises” in spring last year, and gradually increased it during the autumn.


As a former Soviet Republic Ukraine has deep social and cultural ties with Russia. Russian language is widely spoken there, but ever since Russia invaded in 2014 those relations have unravel.

Russian Invasion in Ukraine

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