Blockchain Developer: Futuristic Jobs in India | Earn 6.83 Lakh per Month as Blockchain Developer

Blockchain Developer: Futuristic Jobs in India | Earn 6.83 Lakh per Month as Blockchain Developer

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Blockchain Developer: Futuristic Jobs in India | Earn 6.83 Lakh per Month as Blockchain Developer | Blockchain as Future of IT Industry in India

Blockchain Developer: Futuristic Jobs in India: India’s IT industry is booming, especially in Blockchain Sector. The emergence of Blockchain in the field of the IT sector in India has brought a brand new Job in the Developer profile. The name of this Job profile is Blockchain Developer. This is one of the fastest-growing skills in this job domain, with a growing rate of 1500% to 5000%. If you are a developer, it’s time to upgrade your skill in this field. The salaries of Blockchain Developers are increasing with a whooping rate of 60-100%.

Blockchain Developer

In the report published by the “Digital India” initiative, there would be a growth of 540 Million in India’s working force in the government sector as a newly digitalizing sector with core IT sector in coming years. So, the most demanding skill in the future would be “Digital Skill”. So, it’s time to upgrade your skill for the future. You can read about Blockchain here. Read this article to know about “Blockchain Developer” as a futuristic job in India.

What would be the Salary of a Blockchain Developer?

It has been assumed that an expert in Blockchain Industry can expect a salary of Rs. 550000/- to Rs. 2200000/- per annum. Whereas a Cloud Computing Expert can expect a salary of Rs. 7 to 8 Lakhs per annum as per data of 2020. Which can grow up to 50% to 100% in the coming years.

People also ask: Blockchain developer salary in India

According to Experts Some of the Highest Paying Jobs in the Blockchain Field are:

  • Blockchain Developer: One of the most popular job profiles in the field of Blockchain. An experienced and trained blockchain developer can expect a salary of Rs. 82 Lakhs per annum. But the starting salary of this job may be 8 to 10 lakh per annum. There is an option to be a core Blockchain developer or a software blockchain developer. To be a Blockchain Developer you must have depth knowledge of programming languages like C++, Python, Java, Solidity, and some other languages with the knowledge of data science.
  • Blockchain Architect: An exclusive overseaes body who plan, architect, integrate the various component of Blockchain System. Avarage salary of a Blockchain Architect is Rs. 80 Lakh/ annum.
  • Blockchain Product mamager: The main function of a Blockchain product manager is to overseeing the projects and act as a co-ordinator between Company and Blockchain experts. Average salary of a blockchain project manager is Rs. 72 Lakh / annum.
  • Blockchain Quality Engineer: The main job of a Blockchain Quality Engineer is to check the quality of Apps and other components in Blockchain. Average Salary is Rs. 60 Lakh / annum.
  • Blockchain Security Engineer: One of the most High paying job in Blockchain field. Checking all security affairs related to blockchain is the prime duty of a Blockchain Security Engineer. Avarage salary with 3+ years experience is Rs. 81 Lakhs per year.
  • Blockchain UX Designer: Responsibility of a UX designer in Blockchain is to desigen a user friendly interface for all the users. Every blockchain company wants a good UX designer. Avarage salary of a UX designer is Rs. 79 Lakh per year.
  • Cloud Computing Expert: One of most Futuristic job IT filed, which demand has grown drastically over the past few years. According to Jetking cloud job market size will expand up to $972.51 by 2027. Salary of a Cloud Computing expert is from Rs. 5,00,000/- to 15,00,000/- per annum.

Here is an overview of the Job of a Blockchain Developer and its various components. Experience and Skill are always principal factors in terms of Salary in the IT field. You will get special preference if you have much experience and expertise in a specific sector of this field.

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