Top 5 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books to read in 2022-23 | Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Books in 2022-23

Top 5 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books to read in 2022-23 | Best Books To Read On Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies in 2022-23

Top 5 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books: Since ancient, books are the treasures of knowledge. With time books has changed it’s from. People now prefer to “Hear” books! in from of “Audio-Books”. But reading a book is always a classic choice.

It is one of the best spend leisure. The popularity of Books on Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is getting pace now. In 2022 Blockchain and Cryptocurrency is a hot topic in the Fin-Tech space.

People want to know more about these technologies by reading books, watching videos, reading blogs like this! Here we have covered some of the most popular and informational Books on Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.

Best Books To Read On Blockchains And Cryptocurrencies in 2022-23

1. The Age Of Cryptocurrency

The Age Of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency & Bitcoin became a buzzword overnight. The book is written by Paul Vigna and Michael J. Casey. They have answered the most immerging question Why should anyone care about Bitcoin?

Vigna and Casey demystify cryptocurrency―its origins, its function, and what you need to know to navigate a cyber-economy. The digital currency world will look very different from the paper currency world; The Age of Cryptocurrency will teach you how to be ready.

“Vigna and Casey’s thorough, timely and colorful book is a rewarding place to learn it all.” ―The New York Times Book Review

2. Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies

Top 5 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books
Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies

This is a fantastic read. The name of the book – Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Technologies: A Comprehensive Introduction – is a self-explanatory name.

If you are a student, a software developer, a tech enthusiast, or a researcher in computer science, this book is a good tool to enlighten yourself about ‘Internet Money’. Co-authored by five intelligent personnel, this book gives you a realistic picture of the deep concept of Bitcoin and the technology behind it.

Some of the interesting chapters that are particularly interesting are ‘Community, Politics, and Regulation‘ & ‘Alternative Mining Puzzles‘. Overall the best you can get for all levels. This is in 2nd position in our list @ Top 5 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books

3. Mastering Bitcoin

Mastering Bitcoin

This book is a broad introduction to bitcoin and its underlying blockchainóideal for non-technical users, investors, and business executives.

“It is written by a prolific computer security scientist and a very popular Bitcoin speaker” – Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

An explanation of the technical foundations of bitcoin and cryptographic currencies for developers, engineers, and software and systems architects.

You will get details of the bitcoin decentralized network, peer-to-peer architecture, transaction lifecycle, and security principles.

This is a Best Seller book in this Category.

4. Blockchain Revolution

Blockchain Revolution

This book is authored by Don Tapscott and Alex Tapscott, father, and son in real life. This is the first book on Blockchain, that I have read. The concept of Blockchain has become crystal clear before me after reading this book. This is a good book overall for beginners, non-techies, and noobs to really get an understanding of blockchain technology.

“Occasionally a book comes along that changes the global discourse. This is likely to be one of those books. Blockchains are at the heart of the fourth industrial revolution and the Tapscotts lucidly explain why and how to capture the opportunity and avoid dangers” – Klaus Schwab ― founder and executive chairman of the World Economic Forum

5.  Mastering Ethereum

Mastering Ethereum

One of the best books on Ethereum Protocol.

Mastering Ethereum is a comprehensive book on Ethereum open source technology for developers, enthusiasts, integrators, and system administrators.

The writers of the book are some of the most prominent personalities in the blockchain and cryptocurrencies world and they are Gavin Wood and Andreas Antonopoulos.

If you are some who want to learn about the pioneer Ethereum technology that brought the concept of smart contracts and decentralized applications alive then you might need this one.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Books

Here is the hand-picked list of Best Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Books to read in 2022-23.

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