21 Evergreen Ways to Make Money Online in India | How to Make Money Online from Mobile in 2022 (Easy & Without Investment)

21 Evergreen Ways to Make Money Online in India | How to Make Money Online from Mobile in 2022 (Easy & Without Investment)

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Make Money Online in India: Do you want to make money online from your Mobile? If your answer is Yes! then you are in the right place. Some People always think that making money is not easy at all. It takes lots of hard work and time. This is not completely true now. You can make money easily if you are a little smart. You are reading this article, I know you are smart enough!

In this article, We are going to discuss 21 unique ways how you can make money online from your Mobile and Laptop in India from the comfort of your home without Zero investment.

The post-COVID situation in India and the world put us towards lots of challenges. Unemployment and the absence of a New Job are the worst among them. Many people have lost their job during Lockdown in 2020-2021. But some people have become self-sufficient online businesses ower and now giving jobs to people.

This is become possible, as they have mastered by doing himself/herself “How to make money online?” Many people has become millionaire by making money online. This is true. I am not making a joke here!

Here are 21 Unique and Evergreen Ways to Make Money Online in India (From Mobile & PC)

Make Money Online in India

1. Selling Photos Online

If you are a Photography Enthusiast or a Part-Time/Full-time photographer, you can make money online by selling your unique photos. Just you need to be a good photographer. Many websites like Shutterstock.Com, istock Photos paid photographers across the world for their photos. You don’t need a DSLR camera to sell your photo. You just need a good mobile camera with some Pro features and having basic knowledge of Photography. If you already have a DSLR with some good lenses, then you have some special advantages.

2. Instagram Influencer

Whenever we open our Facebook or Instagram, we see so many people are doing various activities like Dance, Singing a song, Sharing some educational tips, doing makeups, giving business advice, reviewing an Amazon or Flipkart product by making Reels, Stories, short videos, Sliding Photos, etc. Do you know? they are making huge money!

But how? They are making content, which people like you and me are watching. We are liking, sharing their content, we often press the “Follow” button. Thus they are growing their audience. The Formula of Making money from Instagram! Good Content = More likes, Shares = Followers = Sponsorship = Money

If an Instagram Influencer has more than 50 thousand followers with good content, he or she will get good sponsorship from various brands to review or promote their product. Isn’t it Cool? You can also do the same! Don’t worry, you need not show your face to become an IG Influencer. Use your voice, with some good videos, post good and valuable content daily. That’s it! This is one of the popular methods to Make Money Online in India now.

3. Sell Your Art & Craft

If you know how to make handcraft, beautiful paintings which are liked by everyone, then you can earn lots of money just by selling them online. The best site for this is Etsy.Com. On which you will be able to earn money by selling your unique work. To be successful in this, you should know to use good keywords, your product’s target must be visible to the public.

You also wrote a thank you note to the client along with the product. So that he stays with you always. At the time of advertising the product at Etsy.Com, the well-written description should be understood by the clients. The packing of products should be attractive. Doing all this increases your chances of being successful in this space.

4. Create a Digital Course

COVID situation has shown that Online learning and coaching are very worthful. Students, working professionals are doing Online courses for better study and to upgrade their carrier. A world-famous website like Udemy.Com sells online courses at a very cheap rate. Coches, teachers from the various domains are making pre-recorded video courses and listing on Udemy. Teachable.Com is another good online teaching platform.

If you are a teacher, coach, or have some specialized knowledge in Art, Hardcreaft, Web Designing, Sales & Marketing, Woodcrafting, etc. You can make good videos and publish or list them Udemy. You can use Teachable.Com to host your own Courses online. Market your course using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Linked In, and other social media platforms & start to make money.

5. Publish E-Books Online

E-book means electronic book from which you can read online, you can make your own e-book and sell it for money, but your story or topic on which you have written should be read by everyone. You can make e-books according to your field, in which you can teach people about whom you have knowledge like how to do video editing? You can sell used by writing an e-book on how an oil painting is made.

You always have to tell people about real things so that they can connect with you. Do well research on your topic and then write. The cover of your book should be of good quality and matching with your story, only then you will be able to do successful e-books marketing.

6. Open a YouTube channel

Like Instagram, you can open a YouTube channel simply using your Gmail Account. Identify your expertise or field of knowledge, and start making videos with your Phone or DSLR camera. If you are a dancer, singer, artist, having the habit of writing poems, good in recitation or storytelling, good in cooking, having technical skills like Photoshop, MS Word, MS Exel, Graphic Designing, or you are a travel enthusiast. You can make tutorial videos on these topics or anything you want. People are making a very good amount of money (Even Millions) per month from YouTube Partners Programme.

By showing your unique talent in front of the public, you can make both money and fence from YouTube. Once you have good subscribers, you can do a lot with your audience by selling your products, email marketing, affiliate marketing, selling google ads, paid ads, courses and many more unique ways to earn money from YouTube channels. One of the most popular methods Make Money Online in India

7. Graphic Designer

If you have the ability to do design, you can earn more money with this skill. You should be able to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator well. You can also do a full-time job and part-time job as a Graphic Designer. You can make your profile on Freelancer.com to get a freelancing job. And you can build a portfolio and GIG. Also, you can use Canva.Com, 99 Designer which is specially made for designers. To become a successful graphic designer, you should understand the need of the company, then you can earn much better with this skill.

8. Online Surveys

Online Surveys are one of the most popular make money online method across the globe. You can Make Money with Online Survey Jobs. This is one of the Best Pastimes to Make Money Online. Once upon a time, there are little few opportunities from India to get paid from Online Surveys. But now the situation is changed! Some Popular and well-paid survey websites are:

1. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most trusted and popular reward program sites. There are 4 ways you can earn rewards and cash on Swagbucks and one among them is through answering surveys.

2. iSurveyWorld

iSurveyWorld pays you in cash in return for each survey you undertake. You need to first signup and become a part of their community.

3. Opinion World

Opinion world is operated by Survey Sampling International LLC. Impaneled with over 3000 companies, Opinion world helps provide consumer insights to these companies.

4. InboxDollars Survey Site

Founded in 2000, InboxDollars has over 20 million members to date & lots of good reviews. It is a cash-based reward programs site and a well-known community for taking online surveys.

5. VIPVoice Survey

VIP voice is well known for its surveys on, Services & Products. On becoming a member & joining the panel you will be rewarded for expressing your opinions.

6. SpiderMetrix

Based in Australia, SpiderMetrix, an online survey site, was launched in 2000. Becoming a “Spider” (Panel member) will open up your chances to take surveys related to big and small companies’ products or services.

7. Ysense

Paid Surveys are the primary income option at Ysense. Every day you will find new paid surveys in your Ysense account. You have to complete each and every survey after login into your Ysense account to earn a good income in Ysense.

9. Narrate Audiobooks Online

Today people do not like to read books as much as they like to listen to them. But, if you like to read books and at the same time your voice and toner quality is also good then you can convert books into audiobooks and earn good money from it. You can also become an audiobook narrator. There is a site called ACX which works to connect the authors of books with audiobook narrators. To be successful in this, you should be able to tell the story well, as well as you must have a good quality microphone and recording system.

Another App Platform KuKu FM has become popular now. You can take ideas from this website.

10. Tutor Small Kids Online

You can also earn money by teaching small children online, due to the COVID situation, many students want to study online and whatever subject you specialize in, you can teach it to children online and your income will start. This trend will remain active during Post COVID period also.

11. Freelancer Writer

If you are good at writing, you can make good money with this skill. Many Professional Bloggers, Digital Marketers, and Multinational Companies hire writers for their Blogs, and company websites. You can make a profile on popular websites like Freelenacer.Com, Upwork, Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc to sell your writing skill. This is one of the most unique method to Make Money Online now.

Make a good GIG on these websites, then you can directly get Clients for Content writing.

12. Work as a Virtual Assistant

The demand for virtual assistants is increasing in India day by day. Because many businesses need them, this job has both money and name. For this job you need to have good knowledge of it, you can get this job through Fiverr, or Upwork.

13. Online Travel Consultant

If you are fond of traveling and have traveled to many places, then you can become an online travel consultant. With the help of your experiences and stories, you can make travel plans for people, book their hotels, trains, and flights, and with this, you can give them a complete tour plan and earn money.

Make an Instagram, or Facebook Page and start to share photos of various traveling destinations that you have visited. You can make a free Website at Wix.Com (You don’t need to have any technical skills) to list your services. Write your experience there as a Blog.

How to make money by booking tickets for your clients? The various travel website has affiliate programs. You can make money by participating in them. You can also charge some money by doing bookings for your clients. For example; a 7 days Holiday package to Kashmir for 2 People costs Rs. 54000/-. You can add Rs. 3000/- as consultation and booking fees. You can receive online payments via UPI, Phonepe, Google Pay, or by using websites like Instamojo, etc.

14. Testing Websites & Apps

You can also earn money online by using many sites and apps by giving them feedback. If you do not like some things in the sites, then you can give them information about it, for this many sites pay you, which includes Ubertesters, Usertesting, Testbirds, Userlytics.

15. Become an Affiliate

One of the hottest method to earn money online in the world. Becoming an Affiliate of Top websites like Amazon, Flipkart and others you can earn up to Rs. 1 lakh/month! You can promote various products on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook or you can do paid advertising on Google,Facebook, etc and earn good affiliate commission. All the top and medium companies have their own affiliate programme.

What is an Affiliate? Affiliates are those persons, who promote someone’s product and earn some money as commission.

You can join Websites like Meesho, and start promoting their products via WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Messenger to earn good money.

16. Creating NFT’S

NFT stands for Non-fungible token. You can make money by creating & listing NFTs at Opensea.io. Read our article to know about: How to Make Money with NFT? This is one of the newest and futuristic techniques to Make Money Online in India.

17. Email Marketing

Email Marketing is also a very popular way to earn money online. You have to learn how to do Email Marketing first. You also need some online tools to do email marketing. If you can learn email marketing, you will make good money.

Email marketing means sending business emails for any product promotion or update. Many popular companies promote their service and product through email. In simple language, adding a customer via sending an email. For this, you do not need to create posts, again and again.

Popular email marketing tools are Aweber, Convert Kit, Get Response

18. Make Money from Google Maps

Google Maps is another amazing way to make money, just in case you’re unaware. It is one of the most reliable navigational applications too. I think you have used Google Maps before.

Google Maps is very famous and reliable because millions of people worldwide improve it daily and make some money.

How this is possible?

These people copy and paste pictures of various places, especially businesses like shops, and restaurants, and pinpoint their locations on Google Maps.

This helps other people find the businesses in their area. To do this work, businesses and other organizations will pay you some money. You just have to click some amazing pictures of the place and write a small superb review article to post on Google Maps. That’s It! This is one of the best way to earn money online in India for students without investment.

19. Google Translate

Google Translate is another way to make money online with Google, but its use is very rare. Google Translate allows people to translate their words and sentences into various languages.

However, this system works on Artificial Intelligence which helps in automatic translations. So, sometimes the translations might be vague or even critically wrong.

To ensure the accuracy of its translations, Google pays some money to native speakers of the language. They can edit the choice of the words for every translation and make it better.

The demand here is for languages that’re in different scripts and used by a relatively smaller population of the world because people who speak that language can be difficult to find.

20. Online Consultancy Service

This is best for people who have expertise in a particular field. Whether you are a teacher, lawyer, doctor, feng shui expert, trainer, or anyone who has some skills that can solve the problems of others then you can start an online consultancy farm.

You can promote your service using Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.

21. Earn from Cashback sites

Do you know you can make money each time you buy something from shopping sites like Amazon, eBay Flipkart, Alibaba etc.

You only need to download apps or signup sites like eBatesShopAtHome, CashKaro, etc., and then buy everything by clicking through these sites.

You can get 2% to 5% of the amount of your total purchase as cashback from these sites.

22. Answering Questions and Giving Advice

If you are active on various forums and other Q & A platforms then you get paid for answering the right questions.

But you need to have knowledge only then you can solve the problems of visitors to give them value. There are lots of websites like KGB, Fun Advice, and Ether where you can signup and provide the right answers & advice to make money online.


To conclude I can say that it’s not easy to make money online if you don’t have any skills. I am not upsetting you. This is reality! But there is a big solution if you don’t have any skills. First, find your passion and interest area, which you love to do, than expertise on it, gain some valuable experience. The best platform to gather knowledge is YouTube and Google. Just search for the particular topic you want to know about. Keep in mind that, “You have to Learn Before You Earn”. Give time to learn, you will definitely become successful to make money online.

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